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Labral Tear? Get the PRIME Treatment in Delray Beach

For athletes and active individuals in Delray Beach and the surrounding areas, few injuries are more devastating than a labral tear in the shoulder. This painful condition can severely limit your ability to throw, lift, or perform the activities you love without instability, catching sensations, or intense pain.

When conventional treatments fail to provide relief, you need an expert orthopedic surgeon who specializes in repairing labral tears and getting you back in the game. At PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center, that’s exactly what you’ll find under the experienced care of Dr. David Abbasi.

A Leading Solution for Labral Tears

As a double board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Abbasi has dedicated his career to helping athletes and active patients overcome musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Labral tears in the shoulder joint are among his specialties.

The shoulder labrum is a ring of cartilage that lines and deepens the shoulder socket. It plays a crucial role in stabilizing the ball-and-socket joint, allowing for a wide range of motion while keeping the upper arm bone centered during movements.

When this labrum becomes torn or detached, either from an acute injury like a dislocation or from chronic wear-and-tear, it can no longer provide adequate stabilization. This results in pain, instability, catching, and a limited range of motion that severely impacts quality of life and athletic performance.

For appropriate cases that have failed conservative management, Dr. Abbasi offers the latest labral repair techniques to reattach and restore the functional integrity of this critical shoulder stabilizer.

Cutting-Edge Arthroscopic Techniques

Whenever possible, Dr. Abbasi utilizes advanced arthroscopic techniques to perform minimally invasive labral repairs. This involves making a few tiny incisions around the shoulder to insert a miniature camera and specialized instruments.

Using an arthroscope and viewing monitor, he is able to meticulously identify the torn labral tissue and reattach it back to the bony socket (glenoid) using strong suture anchors.

By avoiding open surgery, arthroscopic repairs result in less postoperative pain, lower infection risk, and a quicker recovery compared to traditional open techniques. Dr. Abbasi has extensive experience performing these delicate arthroscopic procedures for different types of labral tears and instability patterns.

For more complex cases with larger tears or bony defects, he may utilize advanced open surgical approaches with procedures like superior capsular reconstruction to achieve optimal stability and outcomes.

Comprehensive, Patient-Centered Care

From the initial consultation through monitoring post-operative recovery, Dr. Abbasi and his team at PRIME provide truly comprehensive, personalized care for every patient.

“We believe in treating the patient as a whole, not just their isolated injury,” explains Dr. Abbasi. “By taking the time to understand each individual’s needs and goals, we can devise a customized surgical plan and rehabilitation protocol using the latest resources to optimize outcomes.”

This patient-centered approach begins with a thorough physical exam, review of imaging studies, and discussion about the patient’s activity levels, work requirements, and desired outcomes. Using this information, Dr. Abbasi develops a tailored surgical plan for addressing the specific pattern and severity of the labral tear.

After repair, patients receive detailed postoperative instructions and a progressive rehabilitation regimen focused on properly restoring shoulder mobility and strength. Dr. Abbasi’s team closely monitors each patient, making necessary modifications to ensure an ideal recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery and Conservative Care

At PRIME’s state-of-the-art facility in Delray Beach, patients have access to Dr. Abbasi’s expertise in advanced orthopedic procedures, regenerative treatments, interventional injections, and holistic conservative therapies.

This multidisciplinary approach, combined with providing comprehensive perioperative care and rehabilitation guidance, has established PRIME as a leading treatment destination for those suffering from labral tears and other shoulder conditions throughout South

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Shoulder Labral Repair FAQs

Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions regarding Labral Repair Surgery at PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center.

What causes a labral tear?

Labral tears can occur from an acute injury like a dislocation or subluxation of the shoulder joint. They can also develop over time due to repetitive overhead motions in sports like baseball, tennis, weightlifting, etc.

How do I know if I have a labral tear?

Common symptoms include deep shoulder pain, catching or locking sensations with movement, instability or grinding, popping, limited range of motion, and loss of strength

Surgery is typically recommended if non-surgical treatments like rest, anti-inflammatories, injections, and physical therapy fail to provide enough relief after several months.

What is labral repair surgery?

It is a procedure where the torn portion of the labrum cartilage is re-attached or repaired back to the rim of the shoulder socket using suture anchors or sutures.

Is labral repair done open or arthroscopic?

Many labral repairs can be done arthroscopically through small incisions using a camera and instruments. Complex cases may require an open surgical approach.

What is recovery like after labral repair?

The arm is immobilized for 4-6 weeks, followed by physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength over 4-6 months or longer.


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