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Shoulder Orthopedic Surgery at PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center

At PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center in Delray Beach, cutting-edge shoulder orthopedic surgeries are transforming the lives of patients suffering from various shoulder-related ailments. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Abbasi, a double board-certified physician in orthopedics and sports medicine, the center stands at the forefront of innovative treatments, offering a range of surgical options tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

The shoulder, being one of the most versatile and complex joints in the human body, is susceptible to a variety of injuries and degenerative conditions. PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center, recognizing the unique challenges associated with shoulder health, offers a comprehensive suite of surgical interventions designed to address these conditions with precision and care.  Below are some of our most commong treatments: 

One of the key procedures offered is Rotator Cuff Repair, which addresses tears in the shoulder’s tendons. This surgery is pivotal for patients who have experienced injury or age-related wear and tear in their rotator cuff, restoring function and alleviating pain. Shoulder Arthroscopy, another minimally invasive technique performed at the center, allows surgeons to diagnose and treat a range of shoulder issues with reduced recovery time, benefiting patients with its less invasive nature.

For those facing severe arthritis or a badly fractured shoulder, Shoulder Replacement Surgery at PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center offers a new lease on life. By replacing the damaged joint with an artificial one, this procedure can significantly reduce pain and improve mobility. Similarly, SLAP Repair and AC Joint Repair are specialized surgeries aimed at fixing specific injuries to the shoulder’s cartilage and acromioclavicular joint, respectively, enhancing stability and function.

Moreover, Capsular Release and Bankart Repair are vital for patients suffering from frozen shoulder and labrum tears due to dislocations. These surgeries are meticulously performed to restore range of motion and correct instabilities within the shoulder joint. Biceps Tenodesis, another specialized procedure, effectively addresses pain and issues related to the biceps tendon.

At PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center, the focus is not only on employing these sophisticated surgical techniques but also on ensuring a holistic approach to patient care. The center emphasizes the importance of a personalized treatment plan, which includes postoperative physiotherapy and rehabilitation, essential for achieving optimal recovery and long-term shoulder health.

Under the guidance of Dr. Abbasi, PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center continues to set new standards in shoulder orthopedic surgery. Each patient receives focused attention, benefiting from Dr. Abbasi’s extensive expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine, ensuring that every surgical journey is as smooth and successful as possible. This commitment to excellence and patient-centered care makes PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center a distinguished destination for those seeking advanced treatment for shoulder conditions.


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