Dr. Abbasi is a prominent figure in sports media. He actively engages with social media platforms, contributing to discussions and being featured by leading sports entertainment media personalities, channels, sports medicine shows, and podcasts. He is a double board-certified surgeon esteemed for his expertise in treating top professional athletes, especially in mixed martial arts (MMA), Dr. Abbasi has been a trusted consultant for stars in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Fighting Championships. Additionally, his role as a ringside physician for major professional boxing and MMA events, including those under the UFC, adds a unique perspective to his content.


Dr. Abbasi gets adjusted by
Chiropractor Beau Hightower

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News Articles

WhichMat Podcast Ep. #41:

UFC ringside physician Dr. David Abbasi clarifies some of the myths that surround topics like whether or not you should have MCL surgery and more.

Daru Strong Podcast

The Warning Signs of When a Fighter Should Retire ft Dr. David Abbasi


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