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Fracture Repair Surgery at PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center

If you’re navigating the path to recovery from a bone fracture, understanding your treatment options is vital. PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center in Delray Beach, under the expert guidance of Dr. Abbasi, a double board-certified physician in orthopedics and sports medicine, offers a comprehensive approach to bone fracture repair. 

Fracture Repair Surgery

The Complexity of Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are more than just breaks in the bone; they are intricate injuries that can significantly impact one’s mobility and quality of life. The nature of a bone fracture varies, ranging from simple cracks to complete breaks, and the treatment approach must be tailored to each individual case.

Expertise at PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center

At PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center, led by Dr. Abbasi, patients receive treatment that is not only state-of-the-art but also personalized. Dr. Abbasi’s expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine, combined with his double board certification, ensures that each patient’s treatment plan is comprehensive and effective.

Treatment Options for Bone Fracture Repair

Internal Fixation:
This method involves realigning the fractured bones to their correct position and securing them to enable proper healing. At PRIME Orthopedics, the use of advanced internal fixation techniques ensures optimal outcomes. These may include:

  • Rods: Longitudinal rods are inserted through the bone to maintain alignment.
  • Plates and Screws: Custom-fitted metal plates and screws are used to hold the bone fragments together.
  • Pins and Wires: For smaller fragments, pins and wires offer precise stabilization.

External Fixation:
In cases where immediate stabilization is required, or the injury is too complex for internal fixation, external fixation is employed. This involves placing screws in the bone, connected to an external brace or frame, providing temporary support for the healing bone.

For joint-related fractures, PRIME Orthopedics offers arthroplasty. This procedure involves replacing the damaged joint with an artificial one, enabling patients to regain mobility and reduce pain.

Bone Grafting:
Severe fractures or cases where healing is challenging may require bone grafting. This procedure involves transplanting bone tissue to promote healing and is often complemented by internal fixation.

Personalized Care and Recovery

Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient’s healing process, PRIME Orthopedics is committed to offering customized care plans. Following surgery, the center focuses on individualized recovery strategies, designed to aid in regaining strength, flexibility, and full functionality of the affected area. This approach, attentive to the specific needs and progress of each patient, underscores the center’s dedication to providing holistic and patient-centered treatment experiences.

Patient Education and Support

Education is a key aspect of the treatment process at PRIME Orthopedics. Dr. Abbasi and his team ensure that patients are well-informed about their condition, the proposed treatment plan, and the recovery process. This empowers patients to be active participants in their healing journey.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Wherever possible, PRIME Orthopedics employs minimally invasive techniques to reduce recovery time and improve outcomes. These techniques, combined with the expertise of Dr. Abbasi and his team, make the surgical experience less daunting for patients.

Why Choose PRIME Orthopedics for Your Bone Fracture Repair

Choosing PRIME Orthopedic & Regenerative Center for your bone fracture repair means entrusting your care to a team of professionals led by a highly qualified physician. The center’s blend of expert medical care, innovative techniques, and personalized treatment plans positions it as a leading choice for patients seeking comprehensive fracture repair services.


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Fracture Repair Surgery FAQs

Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions regarding  Fracture Repair Surgery at PRIME Orthopedics & Regenerative Center.

What types of fractures can be treated at PRIME Orthopedics?

PRIME Orthopedics is equipped to handle a wide range of fractures, from simple to complex, including those involving joints.

How long does recovery typically take after fracture repair surgery?

Recovery time varies based on the fracture’s severity and the individual’s overall health, but PRIME Orthopedics’ advanced techniques aim to optimize healing.

Are there restrictions after Fracture Repair Surgery?

Post-surgery restrictions depend on the type and location of the fracture. Patients are typically advised to avoid strenuous activities and follow a rehabilitation plan to aid in recovery..

How soon can I return to normal activities?

The timeline for returning to normal activities after a fracture repair varies significantly based on several factors, including the severity and location of the fracture, the type of treatment (such as surgery or casting), the patient’s overall health, age, and the healing process.

Does insurance cover Fracture Repair Surgery?

Insurance coverage varies. It’s crucial to contact your insurance provider to inquire about coverage for Fracture Repair Surgery and potential out-of-pocket expenses.

How long does a typical surgical procedure for bone fracture repair take at PRIME Orthopedics?

The duration of surgery depends on the complexity of the fracture and the chosen treatment method. Dr. Abbassi and his team ensure that each procedure is as efficient as possible, with a focus on minimizing operative time while ensuring optimal results.


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