Dr. David Abasi’s Medical Breakdown of Tony Hawk’s Severe Femur Injury

Dr. David Abasi’s Medical Breakdown

In a recent Instagram post by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, he revealed a significant injury, prompting Dr. David Abasi to provide an insightful medical breakdown. In this blog post, we delve into the complexities of Hawk’s injury, examining the implications and treatment methods employed.


The Severity of the Injury:

Hawk’s injury, as Dr. Abasi explains, appears to be a femur fracture. The femur, known as the thigh bone, is one of the strongest and most robust bones in the human body. Considering the bone’s resilience, it’s evident that the injury was the result of a high-energy impact. The X-ray shared by Hawk aids in understanding the extent of the damage.


Intramedullary Nailing: A Closer Look:

One critical aspect of Hawk’s treatment, highlighted by Dr. Abasi, is the use of an intramedullary (IM) nail. This technique involves inserting a metal rod inside the marrow cavity of the femur. It acts like a shish kabob, providing internal stability to the fractured bone. This method is particularly effective for stabilizing complex fractures from within.


Additional Complications: Hip Fractures:

Dr. Abasi’s keen analysis reveals more than just a femur fracture. The presence of three screws across Hawk’s hip suggests that he might have also sustained femoral neck fractures. These types of fractures are typically less displaced, meaning the bone may have cracked without significant shifting. Surgeons address this by placing screws to secure the broken fragments, ensuring proper alignment and healing.


Retrograde Nailing and Weight-Bearing Concerns:

Interestingly, the procedure used for Hawk was a retrograde nailing, inserted from the knee up towards the hip. This approach is noteworthy given the complexity of the injury. Despite Hawk being seen weight-bearing in some photos, Dr. Abasi cautions that recovery from such injuries, especially when involving the femoral neck, requires a conservative approach to weight-bearing activities.


Recovery and Prognosis:

The key to Hawk’s recovery lies in the follow-up X-rays, which will reveal the healing progress and how well the nail is stabilizing the fracture. Dr. Abasi expresses a keen interest in seeing these follow-up images to better assess Hawk’s recovery timeline and overall prognosis.

Tony Hawk’s severe femur injury underscores the critical nature of orthopedic interventions in sports-related injuries. While the initial signs of recovery appear promising, careful monitoring and adherence to medical advice are crucial for a full and swift recovery.

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